fire fire fire

a website about lighters and flames

hello! this little website is about flames and whatnot! it's always a work in progress, so be vary of things being incomplete and being updated at random! motivation is a crazy rollercoaster, am i right?

all of this is documentation of my experiences. nothing related to burning things is intended to be recreated. even if you take this with a grain of salt, please stay safe.

the inner workings of a pocket lighter

a simple guide for how a lighter works! you have to learn how your favorite toy works, don't you?

burning paper

self-explanatory. a guide of what to expect and prepare for when burning paper

burning plastic

also self-explanatory! what to expect when burning plastic!

burning miscallenous items

anything i didn't mention before! however, i have limited experience in this category, so be wary of that!

that's everything!

have fun!